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Theory Test

Theory Test Information

You will need to pass a theory test before you can take your practical driving test. The theory test is made of two sections, a multiple-choice knowledge section followed by a hazard perception section. To pass you will need to correctly answer 43 of the 50 multiple choice questions and score a minimum of 44 out of the available 75 points in the Hazard perception test. You will receive your results and a certificate shortly after completing the test.

How do I book a theory test?

You can book a test on the official website here or by calling 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

How much does a theory test cost?

A theory test costs £23 and includes both the multiple choice and hazard perception sections.

What is the multiple-choice section?

Using a computer, you will be asked to answer 50 questions in a maximum of 57 minutes. If a question requires more than one answer there will be a message displayed on screen to inform you. You will also be presented with a case study which is essentially a short story that you will then answer five questions about.

What is the Hazard perception test?

The Hazard Perception test comes after the multiple-choice section, you will be shown 14 clips that last 30 seconds each. In each clip there will be a developing hazard, this means that something is taking place that as a driver you will need to react to accordingly (brake, steer etc). You will receive up to 5 points per successfully identified hazard (done by clicking the mouse), the score you receive depends on how early you identified the developing hazard. One of the clips will contain two developing hazards and you will be scored on successfully identifying each hazard accordingly. It’s important to note that you can click many times during the click but constant or pattern based clicking will result in 0 points, remember you need 44 out of 75 possible points. The following video from the DVSA explains the hazard perception test step by step:

When do I get my theory test results?

You will receive your results on the day, shortly after your test, if successful you will receive a letter and certificate confirming this.

How long is my theory test pass valid for?

A theory test certificate is valid for two years, if it expires you will need to sit the test again.

How do I change my theory test booking?

You can change your booking online here or by calling 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

How do I cancel my theory test booking?

You can cancel online here or by calling 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

Where is my nearest theory test centre?

You can find your nearest theory test centre by using the following government website here.

Call 0333 456 4563

See prices and book online

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