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Partner Lite Franchisee

The iDrive Brand in your hands

The new iDrive Partner Lite Franchise offers instructors the iDrive brand, professional support and excellent value.

Benefits of Partner Lite include:


Instructors have the flexibility to choose their own vehicle and bring their own car to a iDrive franchise.


Be a part of a growing brand helping thousands of people. Thousands of people in Rochdale, Oldham, Manchester, Chadderton, Royton, Bury and Bolton immediately think of iDrive when asked to name their local driving school.


Easy booking system and online payment access.

Commercial support:

From social media to local advertising, we leave no stone unturned to promote you, our brand and your success.


Giving access to our contact centre, community and professional network.

Click the 'Get in Touch' button, leaving your details and we'll send you our brochure via email.

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