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What you need to know

Pass Plus

Taking your driving to the next level

What is a Pass Plus course?

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete and is designed for drivers to improve their skills.  

Only a fully qualified driving instructor can deliver the course and they must be registered to do so with the DVSA.  

Pass Plus consists of 6 modules, each of them designed to give the driver experience driving: 

  • In town/city centre 

  • In all weathers 

  • On rural roads 

  • At night 

  • On dual carriageways 

  • On motorways 


All modules should be covered by practical sessions, although local conditions may mean that some are theory based - you won't be able to practice driving in the snow in the middle of July! 

Is there test at the end of Pass Plus? 

There isn’t a test at the end of the course, your instructor will be assessing you throughout the course and will be completing a training report form. In order to pass, you’ll need to reach the required standard in each module.

Once you have completed the Pass Plus course you must send your training report form, signed by you and your instructor, to the DVSA to receive your certificate: 

Pass Plus 
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency 
The Axis Building 
112 Upper Parliament Street 
NG1 6LP 

Who can take Pass Plus? 

Anyone who has passed their practical driving test can take Pass Plus, but it is of most use to newly qualified drivers.

Can Pass Plus save me money on my car insurance? 

Some insurers will offer a discount on your car insurance policy if you have completed Pass Plus. You may be asked to provide details of your Pass Plus certificate, so make sure you receive yours by sending your signed training report form to the DVSA. 

How much does Pass Plus cost? 

Please call us on 0333 456 4563 for a quote and to book your course. 

Call 0333 456 4563

See prices and book online

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