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What you need to know

Refresher Lessons

Improving your skills as a driver

We understand that there are several reasons why motorist require refresher lessons, from needing additional assurance to get behind the wheel following an accident to building confidence when driving on a motorway or at night, or simply if you did not drive since passing your driving test, our instructors listen to your needs and tailor your course accordingly.

What areas of driving can I cover during my refresher lessons?


There are many areas of driving that you can cover during your refresher lessons, here are just a few: 

  • Night driving 

  • Motorway driving 

  • Roundabouts 

  • Parking (reverse manoeuvre) 

  • Traffic signs 

  • Speed awareness 

  • Confidence 

  • Switching to an automatic vehicle 


Can I specify what I’d like to cover during my refresher lessons? 

Of course you can! We listen to your requirements and tailor your refresher course accordingly. 

How much are refresher lesson? 

The cost of refresher lessons varies from area to area. Click below to see prices.

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