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Intensive Courses

Learn to drive with our Fast Pass Course

Many people want to pass their driving test quickly through an intensive driving course and that's what we specialise in.

We don't specialise in taking your money, we don't make you take some lessons and hope for the best, like many companies that boast an intensive driving course in 5 days.

At iDrive, unlike other driving schools, we recommend that all pupils who want to pass quickly on a intensive driving course, take our 2 hour assessment lesson. Once you have done the assessment lesson, we can then get the ball rolling and advise how many hours you need and what the typical cost is going to be.

It’s a much more professional and calculated way of doing an intensive driving course and it gives you, the customer, the best possible chances of passing first time, hence, why our first time pass rate has always been above 90%.

The massive difference with us, is that we will tailor a course which is suited to your needs and not the company’s.

This means, if you would like to spread the hours of your course over a longer period of time, we will accommodate that for you. Also, if you need a few extra hours because of nerves etc, we will do our utmost to get those hours in for you.

You won’t have the worry about over spending with us, because we would have assessed you at the beginning. Our intensive courses really are tailored to your needs, giving you the best possible chances of passing first time and joining our first time pass club.


Call us on 0333 456 4563 to discuss how we can help you get your driving licence and make you a safe driver for life.

If you have a test booked and don’t have an instructor to take you, we can possibly help. We offer a dedicated short notice test bundle with test cover, depending on instructor availability.


Call us to discuss short notice tests on 0333 456 4563.

Call 0333 456 4563

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